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Design & Engineering

GMAB Consulting

GMAB Consulting SRL is IET's managing division in Romania, 100% owned by IET It is through GMAB Consulting, SRL that IET manages all design and engineering work that is done in Romania.

This includes Automotive Tooling and Product Design and Engineering, using CAD Platforms such as:

Catia V4 & V5

Contact our experts at:www.gmab.ro

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Euroam Industries

Euroam Industries is the manufacturing division of International Engineering & Technologies Inc. in Europe providing general mechanical operations and auxiliary equipment in automotive industry.

Services overview:

Machining services
Tooling assembly
3D measurement
Integration support
Building special machinery
Research and innovation

For more information visit us at:www.euroam.ro

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ARC Technology specializes in automation, robotics and controls, providing our clients with high quality services for engineering, programming, hardware and software design solutions.

Our staff provides expertise in a wide array of automation technologies including PLC and HMI
 programming, panel design, and systems integration.

ARC Technology started as a company focused on the automotive industry but has expanded into various other fields as the team grew.

We offer expertise in domains such as:

PLC Programming
HMI Programming
Systems Integration
Technical Staffing

Read more about our services at:www.arctechnology.ro

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Information Technologies

M&F Information Technology

M&F-IT develops web and industrial software, assures flexibility and adaptability and provides an agile environment for software development.

Throughout the development process we focus on 3 main objectives:

Eliminate waste
Amplified and continuous feedback process
Easy implementation

Our apps offer the capability to identify unnecessary or rarely utilized functions or procedures that help you avoid further expenses. Also, we're focused on the main functionality which helps us deliver an earlier productive system.

Because software implementation differs depending on the nature and needs of the business, we have developed a workflow by which we can properly handle modifications, if they arise.

Get in touch with us at:www.mandfit.ro

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Lemnest Woodworks

Lemnest provides custom and complete solutions for carpentry and woodworks, both interior and exterior solutions, doors and insulated windows.

Lemnest addresses all client requests and works towards meeting all budget expectations.

In addition, the materials used are of excellent quality and locally sourced, thereby supporting local development.

Feel free to browse through our gallery at:www.lemnest.ro

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Amecon International

Amecon International does project management and construction work for the family group of companies. Our services bring value to and span all areas of the construction industry. Amecon has highly skilled engineers who are customer oriented and able to successfully fulfill project needs.

By having a well-organized team, we’re capable of bringing together people, materials and machinery at the right place and the right time.

Working together, our experts are able to design, finance, maintain, repair, build and operate effectively and efficiently, delivering quality work to all group companies.

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Flamarex. We deliver safely, efficiently, and always on time.

Flamarex is a transport and logistics company providing road transportation services all over Europe. At Flamarex, we understand how important it is for clients to receive cargo in a timely manner and with no problems. That’s why we provide punctual, stress-free service making it our goal to deliver cargo on time and in the condition that both you and your customers expect.

Flamarex takes into consideration all customer requests, makes an effort to develop new services and improves existing services assuring our clients receive the best solutions and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

The type of services offered are:

Other services
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Real Estate & Investments

Imobinvest International & M&F GK

Imobinvest and M&F GK are similar companies, in the family group of companies, in terms of structure. One is the holding company for Europe and the other one is for the USA.

Imobinvest International and M&F GK have several buildings in Europe and the USA. The largest buildings in Europe are the manufacturing plant and the design office in Romania, both held by Imobinvest. In the US, our central office and manufacturing plant is in the Detroit metro area.

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