History of our business

TEAM Resources Romania
Team Resources Romania

GEO-BETA Enterprises LLC is the fourth company incorporated by Mr. Florian Peretz following the beginning of incorporation in 1991 of TEAM Resources Romania SRL in Oradea Romania and in 1992 of TEAM Resources Inc. in USA.

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IET Logo
International Engineering & Technologies
Project Management, Purchasing and Sales

International Engineering & Technologies Inc. was registered in the state of Michigan, USA, in 1995 as woman based Minority Company, and is part of the companies owned by the Peretz family.

The Company was established by Florian Peretz, Romanian born citizen, naturalized in the United States.

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Geobeta Logo
Geo-Beta Enterprises LLC
Holding Company

Geo-Beta is the USA holding company owned by Florian Peretz and IET (International Engineering and Technologies Inc.) is owned by Marioara (Mia) Peretz.

Imobinvest, GMAB, Euroam, Flamarex, Amecon and LemnNest are privately owned by the GeoBeta Holding Company through Imobinvest. The Company was registered in the state of Michigan, USA, in June 18, 1998 as a limited liability company

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GMAB Consulting SRL
Desing and Engineering

GMAB Consulting SRL is IET`s managing division in Romania, 100% owned by IET. It is through GMAB Consulting SRL that IET manages all design and engineering work that is done in Romania.

This includes Automotive Tooling and Product Design and Engineering, using CAD Platforms such as: CATIA V4 & V5, UG, AutoCAD, FIDES, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Inventor, RobCAD

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Lemnest Woodworks Logo
Lemnest Woodworks

Founded in 2001 and later transferred to Imobinvest International in 2005, Lemnest Woodworks provides personalized and complete woodwork and carpentry solutions for interiors, exteriors, doors and also insulated windows.

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European Investment & Management Logo
Imobinvest International
Real Estate & Investments

Was founded as a real estate investment company.

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Amecon Logo
Amecon International
Construction Company

Amecon does project management and construction work for the family group of companies.

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Flamarex Logo
Transportation Company

Flamarex provides Security, Transportation (Busses, Trucks, SUV’s, Cars), Retail and other services to the family group of companies and other customers.

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Euroam Logo
Euroam Industries

Euroam is the manufacturing division of the company International Engineering & Technologies Inc. in Europe and provides general mechanical operations and auxiliary equipment in the automotive industry.

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M&F-GK Logo
Real Estate & Investments

US real estate investment company.

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Mandfit Logo
M&F Information Technologies
Informational Technology

Provides custom software development services across a wide variety of technologies and platforms, proactive IT monitoring hardware, software and networking assets, advanced troubleshooting and warranty support as well.

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Automation, Robotics & Controls Logo
Automation, Robotics & Controls
Automation, Robotics & Controls

Provides Automation, Robotics and Controls solutions for companies within the group and other clients.

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